Recommended Resources

Here are three marketing resources I find to be of great value:

  1. Ray Higdon at . Ray is one of the big names in the home business space. He gives alot of free marketing material of tremendous value. I have found his material to be a great resource. He also does coaching and training across the home business field for a number of different companies, organizations, and individuals.
  2. Mark Harbert at . Mark is another home business voice that I follow. His particular emphasis is on video marketing. I have found his materials to be first rate and professional. You can learn alot from Mark.
  3. Postplanner is a great resource for getting fresh content to share on Facebook and Pinterest (They plan to add other social media platforms over time). Their content is designed to enhance engagement with your followers and to keep them coming back for more. Check out the folks at Postplanner. You can find them at I think that you will be glad you did.
  4. Stay tune for more resources as they are reviewed.

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