Two Proven Network Marketing Tips – Honesty and Responsibility!

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Here are two Network Marketing tips, honesty and responsibility that are vital to a successful network marketing business. Webster defines honesty as “fairness and straightforwardness of conduct”. Another definition Webster gives for honesty is “adherence to the facts”. Responsibility is defined as “reliability” or “trustworthiness”. Again, the concepts of honesty and responsibility though often appearing as old-fashioned today are still two vital Network Marketing tips for network marketing success.

It used to be that we grew up being taught the value of honesty and responsibility. It was just understood that children were to be taught that it was okay to be honest and that responsibility was just expected. But today, this is not always the case. Yet there is a place even today in this modern and sophisticated world for these old time values. And honesty and responsibility go a long way toward contributing to life success and to business success.

Unfortunately in the business world whether in traditional business or in network marketing, too often unscrupulous individuals believe that they must do any thing possible to get a sale. In other words, the ends justifies the means. Regrettably, this approach has resulted in some sales jobs being associated with cunning and crafty sales tactics to persuade the unsuspecting customer that this product is just right for them whether they need it or not. For example, it has taken just a few unethical salespersons to give the used car industry a bad name. We’ve all heard the jokes about used car salesman declaring that a particular car was only driven once a week by an old lady to church on Sundays. As a result of such stories, justified or unjustified, many potential customers have their guard up when they walk unto a used car lot looking for a potential vehicle. It’s unfortunate that honesty and responsibility are too often missing in the business arena.Network Marketing, Network Marketing Tips

Even in the Network Marketing or the Direct Sales industry, this industry has made many people financially successful over the years. It offers a level playing field for the person who is willing to roll up their sleeves, get the training, put in the hours, and commit to learning what is required to become a network marketing professional. However, along the way some aspiring entrepreneurs decide to take what appears to be the shortcut to success. They succumb to the temptation to jettison honesty and responsibility in trying to get new recruits or to sale products. Too often outlandish claims are made about making lots of money without doing much work. Yes, there is money to be made in Network Marketing. But remember, it is Net “Work” Marketing. There is work required. Make no mistake about it.Network Marketing, Network Marketing Tips

This why there is an agency like the Direct Sales Association (DSA). It is dedicated to elevating the level of honesty and responsibility in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales industry. Companies which join this agency commit to practicing the professional ethics espoused by the association.

Network Marketing Tips – Responsibility

We’ve talked about the importance of honesty in building a Network Marketing business. Let’s take a moment to talk responsibility. Remember we defined responsibility as “reliability” or “trustworthiness”. This means that when a sponsor signs up a new recruit into his or her Network Marketing business that they are going to keep the commitment that they made to this new recruit to help them be successful in this new business venture. This means keeping appointments and showing up on time. It means taking the time to give the new business owner the basic training necessary to enhance the possibility of one’s success. It doesn’t mean getting the fast start bonus and then disappearing merrily into the sunset never to be heard from again. Essentially, responsibility means treating the new business owner the way that the sponsor would want to be treated were the roles reversed.

Dr. John Maxwell, noted business leader and pastor asks the question of us as leaders in this one minute video, “Are you honest and responsible?” Enjoy the brief video and see if resonate with what is said.

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So what do you think? Would you agree that honesty and responsibility are two proven Network Marketing tips worthy of emulation? Feel free to Comment, Like, and Share.

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