Do You Know the Importance of a Mentor?


Do you know the importance of a mentor? We hear this word often bandied about perhaps without giving much thought to what the word really means. Webster defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide”.importance of a mentor, importance of having a mentorHow does knowing the importance of having a mentor apply to the Network Marketing industry or in having an online business? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concept of network marketing. Simply put, it is a marketing strategy where companies use what are often referred to as “independent business owners” or “IBOs”. The idea is that the company provides the product, ships the product, handles customer service, and manages the financial operations. Typically, rather than advertise their wares through normal marketing avenues, they use the independent business owners to market their goods. The profits saved by not doing formal advertising or then shared with the independent sales force. Many times new recruits get excited and join a network marketing business with the genuine intent to scale the top of the compensation plan in the first month! They talk to family and friends and wonder why they aren’t as excited as they are about this wonderful company with its amazing products. Pretty soon this new network marketer joins the NFL. NFL typically stands for the National Football League. However, in network marketing, NFL simply means “the No Friends Left” club. Soon this once enthusiastic recruit to the network marketing industry throws in the towel and quits. They may have spent considerably more money than they’ve earned. They likely have a basement or garage full of unused products lining the shelves as mute witnesses of an idea gone bade. And this dejected, broken, devastated, used to be network marketer goes out and tells the world or whoever will listen that network marketing doesn’t work. And worse still, some end up believing that’s the whole industry is a scam. Because if it wasn’t they reason, why didn’t they make all the money that they were promised they’d make?

How I wish that the above scenario was simply fiction and had no relationship to real life. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case. The playing field of network marketing is littered like a junk yard with the wreaks of broken individuals, male and female, young and old who got excited when approached about a network marketing opportunity. They too often got excited but didn’t get trained or educated concerning how to be a network marketing professional that leads to success.

Importance of Having A Mentor

One of the key success ingredients in network marketing is to find a mentor. That is someone who has already arrived at where you want to go in this industry. This may be your sponsor. Or it may be someone else like your sponsor’s sponsor. Success in most endeavors is taught, but it is also caught. There is value in surrounding yourself with like-minded people. People who want what you want and who will encourage you when the going gets tough.

If you have been around the Network Marketing industry for any amount of time, you have probably come across the name of Ray Higdon. Ray is one of the success stories in Network Marketing. He did so well financially that he has retired from promoting a network marketing company. He and his wife Jessica now coach other up and coming network marketing clients. Here’s a short video on the value he sees in having a mentor and three things to consider when choosing a mentor. Listen to what he has to say. He is someone worth listening to. He always seeks to add value in whatever he does in supporting people who desire to be successful in the home based business profession.

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Hey fellow marketer, what did you think of that? Ready to choose a mentor to assist you in building your network marketing or online business to new heights? If so, go make it happen. If not, why not?

Yours for meaningful prosperity,

Jon Harris

P.S. What difference has knowing the importance of a mentor had on your network marketing or online business? Feel free to comment, like, and share.

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