Is Your Fear Like a Big Gorilla Holding Back Your Network Marketing Home Business?

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Is your fear like a 400 pound gorilla holding back your Network Marketing Home Business? You are excited about your Network Marketing Home Business and you want to tell the world about it. Yet after a few cold shoulders and other forms of rejection from those you care about, it is easy for that original enthusiasm to turn into a cold hard dread in one’s abdomen. You know that you need to pick up the phone and call some leads, but that phone feels heavier than a gorilla. You get frustrated wondering how you are ever going to build your network marketing business if you are paralyzed by fear? What to do to get this fear gorilla off your back?

Fear is a funny thing. From the time that we are children, we quickly encounter fear. Parents use fear of being burned to teach children not to touch a hot stove to avoid being burned. Even when children start learning how to walk, they begin to cautiously take a few tentative steps holding on to a parent’s hand or a piece of furniture to help them avoid the inevitable fall. Network Marketing, Home BusinessAs we grow, we discover other fears awaiting us. Fears of getting a failing grade in school. Fear of not being attractive enough to be asked out to the prom. Or perhaps the fear of not making the sport’s team in high school or college.

Network Marketing, Home BusinessOne of the fears I faced growing up was diving off the high diving board at the local swimming pool. I admired the way that the accomplished swimmers conquered the high diving board. Never did I ever manage to conquer my fear of the high diving board.

So when we get involved in a Network Marketing Home Business opportunity, all of these accumulated fears are brought into this endeavor. So when meeting a stranger for the first time who could be a likely prospect for your business or picking up that telephone to cold call some leads that you may have purchased, the memories of all of the times you were rejected bubble beneath the surface of one’s mind resulting in fear holding you back in building your Network Marketing Home Business. And so what happens is that in face of the fear of rejection, many otherwise enthusiastic Network Marketing Home Business entrepreneurs throw in the towel, cancel their autoships, and retreat back into the routine, predictable, traditional job market and sweat it out until they can finally retire.

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But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we stop and think about it, it has been observed that most of the things that we fear happening, never do. But because we think that it may happen, we react in fear accordingly. I think it was the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who defined FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real. When we begin to accept that most things that we fear never happen as bad as we might expect. Then we can begin to face our fears and grow past them. It doesn’t happen over night. It does take intentionally. And it does require a willingness to keep trying even when we fail. For failure is not really the problem. Failing to get up and try again is the problem.

Eric Worre, a well-known name in the Network Marketing Home Business space has produced a short video below featuring one of his guests which talks about getting rid of fear when trying to share your business. Take a few minutes to listen to it and comment below.

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So, what do you think? Is fear holding you back in your Network Marketing Home Business? Feel free to Comment, Like, and Share.

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